Genital Health & Pain List

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Genital health and pain are areas that we could all focus on a little more whether that be personally, professionally, or in our communities. As the topics themselves are being more frequently talked about, more and more products, services, initiatives, and businesses are arising to address them. We are constantly inspired and empowered by the incredible female entrepreneurs we are surrounded by, both online and off.

As such, we’ve put together a list of outstanding products that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Keep in mind, when supporting these businesses, you’re supporting sexual health and female empowerment on a much grader scale than it may seem.

In addition, each company has been kind enough to provide us with the information below, if you’d like more information please feel free to reach out to them directly through their websites or social media. So, here they are! Enjoy.

Designed by a Sex Educator, the Wellness Silicone Dilator Set is carefully crafted for your comfort. the Wellness Set lets you start small and move upward in size whenever you feel ready. It's 100% medical grade, platinum cured silicone but in classic Blush from the price point is a fraction of our competitor. I love working with a .com that listens to consumers and does not inflate prices. This means we make better products that are accessible to more people.

Come&gone simplifies post sex clean up.

After sex you usually need to go to the bathroom and clean up. Come&gone can help you with that. Say goodbye to your old towel, tshirt, and half a roll of toilet paper - forever.

Kaolii internal massager is a handmade hypoallergenic and chemical-free tool designed to help women who are suffering from pelvic pain. Its ergonomic shape was created to massage pelvic floor muscles and trigger points, this tool can also be used to strengthen the pelvic floor once it is tension-free. Kaolii offers a special discount to all pelvic floor specialists ( PT, Doulas , Nurses,...).

Currently their website is only available in French.

We think it’s about damn time panties were designed for the pleasure of their wearer. Lorals makes single-use, natural latex panties made specifically for oral sex and rimming. Sport our Shorties for fuller coverage or bare a bit more in our Bikinis.

Ohnut is changing the conversation about discomfort during sex, with a mission-driven wearable that customizes penetration depth. For those experiencing pain during deep penetration, Ohnut is a simple way to explore what depths feel good for both partners. Ohnut is championed by OBGYNs, pelvic physical therapists, and sex therapists all over the world.

Private Packs Heating And Cooling Personal Pads bring comfort to your vulva in times of discomfort. Private Packs can be used for pain relief or pampering, that’s up to you! The reusable pads are ergonomically shaped to conform to your most intimate body parts. On top of our goal to reduce vulva discomfort, we also strive to bring a proactive approach to vulva care into the mainstream

One less doctor's appointment to make and one less dreaded waiting room.

The only FDA-cleared urine testing app for over-the-counter use. Works with the Scanwell app so you can test from anywhere you feel comfortable and receive a diagnosis in as little as two minutes.ORDER TEST KIT.

vFit is the world’s first and only home-use device using a patented combination of red lights (LED’s), gentle heat and sonic technology to improve intimate wellness, which is vital to overall health and well-being. Designed in partnership with leading OB/GYNs, vFit offers quick (treatments take just up to 10 minutes every other day), comfortable, hormone-free, & non-invasive. This product is a true game changer! Totally unique!

Honorable Mention - Education

We champion the right to make informed decisions about your health and body. We swipe right on facts and left on myths. We also swipe left on f*ckbois, f*ckgirls, f*cknonbinaries, gender stereotypes, abuse, assault, body negativity, and honestly anything that prevents you from living your best life. Take the reins on your sexual and mental health; we've got your back.

Honorable Mention - Clinic

Tia is a boutique members-only gynecology and wellness practice in New York. Tia also has a cycle-tracking app. Membership costs $150 a year, along with other perks.

Honorable Mention - Pregnancy

A little story: During my marriage we were trying to have a baby. I can’t tell you the number of times I went to Walgreens after each time we had sex to buy a pregnancy test. The pharmacists knew me by name.

That’s what makes Stix so great. Made by women for women. They will send you pregnancy tests discreetly to your home.

I wish they existed when we were trying.