Product Roundup: Jewelry

2 minute read

Pleasure you can wear? Count us in. Not all jewelry is made for wandering eyes! We rounded up our favorite V-loving products that pack a little more punch than the eye can see. Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Well, that’s how we feel about pleasure! Bring it on. Introducing, the best products in wearable pleasure:

Crave combines sex + tech + design and make the pursuit of pleasure just that much more accessible. The Vesper is a bold statement piece of jewelry that doubles as a no-compromise, powerful vibrator. This discreet clitoral vibrator hangs on a 26" stainless steel chain. All our products are made from body safe materials and are nickel-free. This product is splash-proof for easy cleaning with soap and water. Product includes USB cable for recharging and a pouch for storage.

Palma is a multi-speed, waterproof vibrator ring from Unbound. This fashion-forward wearable features three speeds and two customizable modes that allow you to control the variation in vibration with your own hand movements. Palma is made with surgical grade stainless steel and available in silver and electroplated 14k gold.

SENS sterling silver modular jewelry is worn to stimulate the senses and intimate erogenous zones. Personalize your sensual experience with the earring, ring or necklace, and slot in the interchangeable perfume and massage orbs (vibration orb coming soon) to evoke arousal through scent and touch.