June Update: Where we are today


First, thank you for visiting our new store! 

I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe during this time. It is been a tumultuous and challenging few months, to say the least. I hope you are taking care of yourself physically, socially, and mentally during this time. 

First off, I appreciate your patience, support, and commitment throughout this time. Let's dive right into some important updates:

  • The global economic impacts of COVID-19 and my original factory losing their FDA certification has significantly delayed the production of your Private Packs.
  • As I secure a new manufacturer, I am conservatively estimating product delivery in early Q4 of 2020.

There are a variety of factors out of my control that might delay us further which includes, but are not limited to:

  • A resurgence of COVID-19
  • U.S. x China trade disputes
  • Hold-ups in the ports as the FDA and Customs and Border Control is triple checking ALL imports into the USA.

Despite this, I am working hard to prevent any delays which are in my control. I found a potential new factory in China. I’m currently waiting for my first samples. They have their FDA certifications! This is important because if they don't have their certifications, the FDA will stop the shipment, send it back or burn it. 

After the factory produces an estimate of the production costs, assess their in-house capabilities, calculate the tolerance requirements, timeline estimates, and a host of other factors (including COVID-19). the factory will go into production.

My rough timeline estimates are as follows:

  • Finalize the first sample - June 2020
  • First production run – July/August 2020
  • Product Delivery – August/September 2020 

I am hoping to have more clarity in July once I receive my first samples. I am taking active steps to prevent problems before they arise, but obviously, I want to share these updates and the process with you, to help give some context. So hopefully, these explanations help. 

I appreciate your patience, support, and commitment. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at suzanne@privatepacks.com

With love and gratitude,



Suzanne Sinatra
CEO & Founder
Private Packs