Self Care

Woman sitting down reading a book with a cup of coffee on her hand


Title: Self-care

Description: With Private Packs, people can use them to deliberately take care of their physical health. Research shows that 70% of women experience vulvar pain, but the soothing feeling of our heating and cooling personal pads helps alleviate any discomfort. Part of incorporating self-care also means utilizing resourceful methods to upkeep the body. Private Packs is not only serviceable but convenient due to its size and shape, making it easy to wear discreetly between day-to-day activities. As an added bonus, it’s reusable as well!

Private Packs Temperature Recommendations: Cold & Hot 

Did you know: According to a study conducted by Birchbox and Kelton Global, 74% of people consider self-care to mean taking care of their bodies, while 57% think it means taking a mental break.


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