From Day 1 of building our brand, our mission was accessibility, convenience, and real talk about sexual discomfort. 

Verishop, short for verified shopper (isn't that clever!), was started by a husband and wife team that created their widely popular e-commerce marketplace to be like Amazon for high-end brands but with curation. 

Private Packs is a sexual health company, and it made sense for us to expand our e-footprint to Verishop as it took the lead in expanding into the sexual wellness space before many retailers. Davida Loizias of Verishop "Verishop is striving to expand into all categories, and wellness as a whole is taking off, all the more reason to include sexual health." This partnership helps us reach new customers that enjoy other sexual wellness brands such as Maude, Dame, and Lady Suite. 

You can find us in the Beauty and Wellness section or click here to go directly to our product page. 

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