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We have reimagined and redesigned the generic therapy pack because your privates deserve dedicated healing.

Our wearable, ergonomic design is totally comfortable, portable, and discreet. One pack heats up and cools down to honor your vulva in every mood swing. C'est la V!"

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  • Reuse

    When you're on-the-go, our reusable sleeve bag is here for it. And it's included with your purchase! Use for toting Private Packs in your gym bag, purse, or back pocket for convenient, anytime use.

  • Private Packs Recyclable Kraft Boxes with fig leaf drawing design on the front


    Private Packs arrives in a 100% recyclable kraft boxes complete with an ode to your V on the back.

  • Discreet

    We don't write our name on the box, but when you see a pretty package labeled #consciouscomforting, you know it's from us!

"I was frustrated to see that every other body part has pain relief tools except the privates. My V is in chronic pain from painful intercourse to vaginal dryness from chemotherapy. I needed help and I knew I wasn't the only one suffering with vulvovaginal discomfort."

Suzanne Sinatra. CEO & Founder, Vulva Owner, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Sexual Health Advocate.

This website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Private Packs is for EVERYONE! We sometimes use gendered language or female pronouns but whether you are a woman, a man, fluid, non-binary or something else unique to you, we welcome you and hope you become part of the Private Packs family.