how it works

Private Packs heat up and cool down to soothe vagina pain on-the-go.

instant, wearable, nontoxic, discreet

about reusable hot and cold packs
Wearable packs provide full coverage from your clitoris to your anus (or whatever anatomy you have down there). Gently and directly soothe private pain with a hands-free, reusable solution that's as convenient as it is comfortable.
Cozy channels distribute our non-toxic gel formula evenly and discreetly while hugging your body's curves and seamlessly adjusting as you move. Our ergonomic design provides barely-there relief fit for a boardroom or barre class. You do you.
Some like it hot, some like it cool. Choose between either temp by popping your pack into a microwave or freezer. Wear for 20 minutes at a time, and go about your day as planned. Enjoy seamless relief created for busy femmes on-the-go.
About Reusable Protective Sleeves
Slide your pack into a protective hygiene sleeve for easy cleaning any time of the month. Wash them on gentle cycle, and use them time and time again.
Our ultra soft hygiene sleeves are created from natural bamboo, and they're cozier than your favorite T-shirt. Rest your vulva on a cloud.
Protective, oh-so-cozy sleeves are compatible with gentle wash cycles and any pair of full booty underwear you own.
Our PromiseS

No more canceled plans due to chronic or random private pain.


Designed for you, regardless of your identity.


Discreet to wear, and discreet to receive.