Recycled Packaging

We created Private Packs to protect and serve your vulva - and our planet. Single use hot pads and cool packs take decades to decompose in landfills. Private Packs are reusable hundreds of times, and our packaging is proudly recyclable and reusable. The future is here, it's green, and your vulva's going to love it. 

Private Pack Recyclable Kraft Box with fig leaf design on the front


Private Packs arrives in delightfully cute and 100% recyclable kraft boxes complete with an ode to your V on the back! Store your Private Packs between uses in the perfect pack sack made with love. 


Our recyclable shipping box protects Private Packs on their journey to you. And to protect you from your pesky neighbors, we don't write our name on the box. When you see a pretty package labeled #consciouscomforting, you know it's from us! But by then, your vulva will already be doing a little happy dance. 

Private Pack Recyclable Shipping Box

Private Packs Reusable Protective Sleeves Bag


When you're on-the-go, our reusable sleeve is here for it. And yes, it's also included with your purchase! Use for toting Private Packs in your gym bag, purse, or back pocket for convenient, anytime use. You do you. Comfortably. 


Did we mention Private Packs are reusable hundreds of times? No more cords, melting ice packs or single use hot and cold packs that are bad for the environment. Buy it once, and use it for years. 

Private Packs Hot & Cold Packs

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