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Great if you have vulvodynia

I sadly suffer from vulvodynia and it often presents itself in the form of intense itch and burning. These private packs really help relief some of the swelling and the itchiness that occurs.

Hot & Cold Vulva Personal Pads

Great product!!

I am very pleased with Private Packs! I specifically like that the ice pack isn't all one block of ice. I like that there is a back and front section that moves to fit your body. I also like the way there are different "pockets" of ice. The only drawback is that the ice melts very quickly.

Private Packs are Awesome

Product fits area well and pack cover is soft and gentle on your private parts. Highly recommend. Also purchased extra covers to avoid rush to wash used ones. Covers are easy to hand wash and dry. Plan on using them post long bike rides when I am riding again.

Private Packs is a lifesaver!

Ever since having my son I have been having horrible pelvic pain especially after being intimate but these have helped me have some relief. I highly recommend all women try this for any women's health issue.

Private Packs helped my daughter and I HIGHLY recommend this product

My daughter has been experiencing horrific chronic pain from endometriosis and vulvodynia that just keeps getting worse. Were hoping for a surgery to correct it but won’t be able to schedule until late spring. She recently went back to physical therapy and is crying every night from the pain...she can’t sit for any length of time and is a college student...which affects her class work. Because Private Packs are portable she can use them between Zoom classes and before and after physical therapy. She loves them and I'm happy they're helping her.

I was diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction where my pelvic floor muscles are clenched resulting in a constant burning sensation on my vulva. For years many doctors and pelvic floor physical therapists didn’t know what was wrong me. They recommended I do breathing exercises which I did religiously for 2 months and it actually exacerbated the pain. I use Private Packs regularly now that my PF PT closed her office because of COVID.

Sharing my Extra Private Pack!

I absolutely needed to share my second private pack so more people could learn about it. This has helped my physical and emotional confidence without having to constantly deal with debilitating pain. Can't recommend the Private Pack enough. Thank you!

A Welcome Relief!

I'm a long time user of ice packs & heating pads due to the vulva pain I experience.
This innovative design is such a comfortable and effective fit.
I haven't tried heating it as of yet, and may purchase another just for that purpose, but when taken from the freezer, the coolness does last the approximate minute recommended time for use.
It's comforting knowing that I'm not alone in dealing with this!
Thank you for your efforts!
Terri Schindler
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Let's Me Live My Life

I get ovarian cysts fairly regularly and these are so helpful. The size and the grip on the sleeve make them so discreet and able to sit in place while I'm moving around so I can carry on with my regular day to day business. These have been such a game changer for me!

Excited to try!

Will use these for period cramps down the road but I initially bought these for postpartum wear. They are sleek/discreet and very well made!! Very happy with my purchase.


These packs make a big difference and are super comfortable. And I LOVE that they're reusable.
I highly recommend this product and it arrived incredibly fast.


these are amazing, and the best gift ever for anyone in your life who is about to give birth!!


Brilliant product. Much better than trying to use a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel !

Worked sooo well.

I am so happy that the creators decided to work on this problem and executed on it in such an effective (AND fun/cheeky!) way. Women's health issues are notoriously underserved so this served as such a wonderful product after giving birth when I needed it the most. It's well-designed (i.e. it fit so well) and was so soothing down there (it cooled for a much longer time than anything else I've tried before). Thank you!

The best gift

A family member was having issues and I sent this to her. It helped so much. Thank you for inventing such a necessary and important product.

Awesome Product!

Private Packs are ideal for anyone who's trying to reduce their environmental footprint. Sustainable and incredibly soothing, these packs should be a staple in any vulva-bearing person's collection!

The Perfect Brazilian Wax Addition

I get Brazilians regularly (for almost 10 years) and every single time my skin becomes so inflamed and puffy. These are the perfect addition and I've told my salon why I think they should offer these at their counters for every customer. It makes the whole process a little less uncomfortable! The only thing that I wish these could do is stay colder longer. I usually only get about 5-10 minutes of icy cool to calm my skin, but this could also happen because my skin is so hot down there right after a wax. If you get waxes, you NEED these!!

Where have these been?!

Having had 2 children, I am shocked these are only just now coming on the market, and thank goodness they are finally here. If men had babies, these would have been in the stores 30 years ago. New moms - treat yourself!

I'm so happy I found these!

They're a cure all! They've been particularly helpful after biking. I just wish I had had some after giving birth to my first child. The packing is so thoughtful and makes me feel like I'm treating myself. Great to see these issues being addressed.

Positively life-changing!

I wish I had these after giving birth to my children. They fit perfectly and provide an incredible relief of coolness and comfort given the gel-pack design and cotton sleeve. I recommend all women to have these on hand!

Great product

I was in the middle of a really bad endometriosis/interstitial cystitis flare up when I ordered these and have zero regrets. I’m so glad I finally bought these.


So much more comfortable than what I was using before! Fast shipping too. Highly recommend this product.

So thankful

I ordered these in preparation for a labiaplasty. Sadly, my order got lost in the mail- when I contacted customer survive the CEO immediately got back to me and shipped (first class) another order. They arrived today and are wonderful. So much more comfortable than the ice packs I’ve been using. Perfect for recovery but I’ll use them for period pain and post sex. They feel like a dream.

Great gift for new moms!

I bought these for a friend who just had a baby and she couldn’t say enough good things about them. I think this is going to be my go-to gift for new moms!