The Experts

“Private Packs is the answer to so many women’s areas of concern that is appealing, convenient and a very welcomed addition to women’s health”

"Private Packs is amazing for anyone who needs help with nerve pain or a muscular injury that is specifically designed for the genitals and not something they had to adapt themselves. Its time to end the stigma of pelvic pain and make this product available to all."

Sallie Sarrel, Pelvic PT and Endometriosis Advocate, Founder of The Endometriosis Summit

Private Packs is a great ice pack for people, yes both men and women, experiencing pelvic pain and groin strains. You can externally ice the adductor tendons and external genitalia without having to bend and morph a traditional ice pack-plus it is very discreet to wear. Private Pack is a great addition for anyone with groin pain!

"Private Packs have changed the game. It is a easy-to-use solution for people going through pelvic floor pain, whether that pain is acute or chronic. My patients have responded overwhelmingly positive; often saying, "Where have these been by while life?!". I'm so incredibly happy to have this resource."

Private Packs are a long overdue solution to an issue that has existed since the beginning of time — vulvar pain. Shame has silenced us for too long and in that silence, so many people have suffered unnecessarily. Thank goodness we now have an easy, safe solution for a near-universal experience. Private Packs not only soothe pain related to yeast infections, pain after sex, spin class, and childbirth, but they’re also opening up important conversations about our bodies to chip away at the unfounded shame and stigma.

"Private Packs are an essential tool that vulva owners should have in their wellness toolkit to treat pain, itchiness, soreness, and labor recovery. With more and more women willing to speak out about the discomfort they have with painful penetration, yeast infections, and menopausal dryness, it's wonderful to see that their voices are being heard and responded to with this product."

"Private Packs are an essential pelvic health product. Clients have especially appreciated Private Packs after penetrative sex, during flare ups of vulvodynia and herpes, after vaginal deliveries, before and after pelvic physical therapy work, after bike rides or cycling workouts, and during menstrual periods accompanied by heavy cramping. I always recommend clients purchase two packs, one to keep cold, one to warm up as needed. Private Packs are versatile, easily reusable, and body friendly. "