Title: Virginity

Brief description with source: The definition of virginity varies depending on the person. For some, being a virgin means you haven’t had any type of penetrative sex (this can include vaginal, anal, and even oral). Others may define virginity as not experiencing penis-in-vagina sex yet, despite having experienced other types of sexual activity. With that said, having sex for the first time may feel uncomfortable for a number or reasons from general nervousness to the friction that happens with penetration if there’s a lack of lubrication, possibly causing discomfort. Private Packs can help as a go-to product for post-coital care to diminish vulval soreness or tenderness.

Recommended care (Temperature Recommendations): Cool Lady private pack with the lowest temperature at 50°F/10°C 

Did you know (Statistic): According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 52% of heterosexual women commonly experienced pain at first intercourse.

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