You're a badass, and you deserve better. Keep the frozen veggies and warm rice for dinner and off your Lady Bits.

Try Private Packs to soothe pain or soreness caused by Yeast Infections, good sex, bad sex, STIs, Vulvodynia, Vaginal Dryness, waxing, shaving, electrolysis or birthing a child.  

Hot and cold therapy has been around for ages, but it's never been easy to bring the benefits to your vulva. Until now. Our wearable, ergonomic design is totally comfortable, portable, and discreet. One pack heats up and cools down to honor your vulva in every mood swing. C'est la V!"

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When you order Private Packs, you'll also receive three reusable, washable beech tree sleeves. These all natural, made sustainably and deliciously soft liners keep your hoo-ha cozy and your pack clean for anytime use. Throw them in the wash between uses, and move on with your day. Want to see how cute they are?  Good for your yoni, and good for the planet.


Private Packs Beech Tree Sleeves

Hot or Cold, Private Packs is what your vulva needs to be cool, calm, and collected.

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