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  • CNBC

    90% of investors don’t understand the demand for the $1 trillion femtech industry – here’s why

  • Popsugar

    2023 Wellness Award Winner - Sex & Wellness: Best Sexcessory

  • Cosmopolitan

    How to Fix a Yeast Infection and Keep Them from Coming Back

  • Women's Health

    The Sexual Wellness Watchlist

  • Shape

    Why You Have a Sore Vagina After Sex - And What To Do About It

  • The Skimm

    Smart Products That'll Reenergize Your Sex Life

  • Motherly

    23 baby shower gifts for moms that make them feel loved & supported.

  • I am Stripes

    Naomi Watts Menopause Blog, Adulted: Everything You Need to Know About Menopause and Body Odor

  • World Retail Insights

    It all started with a story: talking category and brand-building with Private Packs’ Suzanne Sinatra

  • Thingstesting

    Reinventing the tampon: Meet the brands shaking up the $21.6 billion period care industry

  • Inc Magazine

    2021 Female Founders 100

  • Business Insider

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer weeks before launching my company. Now my product sells at CVS - here's how I kept business running.

  • Slick Chicks

    Celebrate Black History Month by Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

  • Nasdaq

    Treating Private Part Pain: How Suzanne Sinatra is Disrupting the Female Wellness Space

  • The Helm

    21 Innovate Period Products for Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Forbes

    The Next 1000 Honoree 2021

  • Well + Good

    How COVID-19 Became a Indoor Recess of Sorts for Sexual Pleasure

  • Elite Daily

    Take Care of Your Sexual Health by Shopping These Black-Owned Companies

  • Stylecaster

    12 Black-Owned Wellness Brands That Will Feed Your Body and Soul

  • Glossy

    Beauty companies rethink supply and demand strategies amid coronavirus

  • PillPack

    The Women Entrepreneurs Fighting Chronic Sex Pain

  • Modern Fertility

    How a painful wax inspired Suzanne Sinatra to build the first vulva therapy pack.

  • Forbes

    Building A Startup While Fighting Breast Cancer: This Survivor's Inspirational Women's Health Mission.

  • Playboy

    Unnecessary Roughness: How To Heal From Common Sex Injuries

  • Brides

    How to Take Care of Your Vagina After Rough Sex

  • SuperMaker

    Move over, from peas: Growing the Startup That Keeps Your Intimate Areas Pain-Free

  • SD Voyager

    Conversations with the Inspiring Suzanne Sinatra

  • Ovee

    8 BlacK-Owned health businesses for vagina-havers to support

  • Women of Wearables

    Profile: WoW Woman in FemTech | Suzanne Sinatra, founder of Private Packs

  • Pause

    Menopause: A Blessing, Not a Curse

  • FemTech Insider

    Private Packs: Viva la Vulva Care Revolución!

  • Swaay

    Breast Cancer Made Me a Better Entrepreneur and a Stronger Women

  • Bustle

    These Major Inventions Coming Out Soon Are Going To Upgrade Your Sex Life

  • Hip Latina

    10 Sexual Wellness Brands From Women of Color

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