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Easy Wash Hygiene Sleeves (4 pack)

Easy Wash Hygiene Sleeves (4 pack)

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So fresh, so clean.

Elevate your Private Packs experience with our ultra-soft reusable hygiene sleeves featuring wings with snap closures that wrap securely around your underwear's gusset, ensuring direct relief without shifting.  

All sleeves are non-toxic and white in tone to help monitor symptoms or for topical lubricant or cream application.

        Care Instructions

        We recommend:

        • Machine wash on the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent.
        • Tumble dry on low heat.
        • Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary.
        • Avoid ironing or dry cleaning.
        • To prevent staining, soak and pre-rinse in cold water after use.
        • Hand-washing is unnecessary, but if you prefer it, dim the lights and enjoy some smooth yacht rock.

        You can find specific care information for each product on its respective page and on the packaging that comes with the product.

        Fabric Content: 95% rayon + 5% spandex


        For shoppers outside of the USA, please review our shipping policy before proceeding with your purchase.

        Return Policy

        At Private Packs, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. However, due to hygiene reasons, all Private Packs products are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right product for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

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        Based on 122 reviews

        Not what I expected. They are good quality, but the protection sleeve for the frozen packs is too thin to protect your skin. I had to put a towel against the pack anyway, so it was like using a regular ice pack. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. If they made the sleeve a little thicker, this would work for me.

        Hot & Cold Vulva Reusable Packs

        Cooling comfort

        Easy to use product that stays in place and is comfortable to wear. I love the instant relief from the itching it provides.

        Good, not what I was expecting though

        They seem to be good quality. However, I found that the pack sleeves are not thick enough for if you freeze the packs. I had to put another layer over the sleeve so I didn't freeze burn my skin. I am thinking refrigeration will be enough if you are using the sleeves provided with the pack.

        A Blessing

        I suffer from Lichen Sclerosis, at night if I wake up and itching is intolerable, I put my ice pack on, and can have immediate relief, and sleep soundly. Thank you.

        Third baby joy

        We got the packs for my wife after our third natural birth. The product was great not only for relief but very versatile for breast feeding as well! Great product and recommend it for all.

        Wearable Hot & Cold Private Pain Relief Packs

        Hot & Cold Vulva Reusable Packs
        a little birdie told you
        Do It.

        If you're on the fence just buy it. Buy two. They work like nothing else, ship quickly, and can be used hot or cold. Comfortable, discreet, and effective. This is a game changer.

        Buy, you will not be disappointed

        Best thing ever. I'm telling everyone to buy, you will not be disappointed.

        Great Purchase

        I really like these private packs. I have lichen sclerosus, so these have been super helpful as cold packs during this hot summer. There is a little adjustment time getting used to how they feel/getting them comfortable in your panties.

        Hygiene sleeve

        Very soft!

        Lovely packaging. Good instructions for care. Able to keep them discreet when I go out.

        Not worth it

        The first time a used a liner a snap broke. The packs don’t stay frozen/ cold like a ice pack. They are so long, they don’t fit.

        Hi Catherine,

        I am so sorry this was your experience with our product. Our aim to please your privates discreetly, not upset your or your privates. I wish you contacted me because I would have rectified it immediately. Let me work on something on the backend.

        Really love it!

        Product is too long

        The ice pack size is wayyyyy too long, it covers too much body area. I tried it for 20 seconds and will never use it again. Sorry I fell for it and wasted my money.

        Dear Kathernn,

        Thank you for leaving an honest review of your experience with our product. I designed the product to fit the average US woman's body. I'm sorry our product didn't fit you. The last thing I want is for you to feel that you wasted your money because I hate it when I waste my money. I will handle this matter.

        Deliver to Ireland 🇮🇪

        Love these packs really help with pain, itchiness & just general soothing. V happy. Had to reach out to ye as was a delay & was responded to v quickly.thank u


        These are amazing and literally life changing. Great size, comfortable to wear and really helped to reduce my pain. I don’t know what I’d do without them now!

        Instant relief

        I never realized how much heat happens in the lady bit area from just sitting all day working. The cold pack has been a HUGE relief for my Lichen Sclerosis symptoms. Highly recommend!!

        For comfort & pain relief

        Hi I've found the pack great & help & are so well fitting. Handy too.


        Wonderfully soothing and a great relief.


        The idea of these is great, but the execution is lacking. The length is too long for my 5ft 2in 101lb. body, and the gel inside is too thin to keep it cold for any decent period of time. Disappointed.

        Hi Janet,

        I am so sorry your experience was lacking with your Private Packs. I do appreciate you complimenting our effort to create a comforting product for vulva owners in pain. Let me take care of this for you.

        Private packs

        Love the Private Packs . They helped me after my surgery. Love that they form to your body well. Thank you so much! I would recommend them to everyone!

        Hot & Cold Vulva Reusable Packs
        Stephanie Gaspodini
        I have not received this order

        Where is my order

        Private Packs

        Hi, love the soft holder to use with packs that works v well. Not sure still what the 2 square ends of the cold pack with the grooves are supposed to be used for?