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Extra Reusable Protective Sleeves

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Keep your Private Packs clean and your vulva cozy with our washable, beech tree sleeves. 

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        Why You’ll Love It

        Made of natural beech tree pulp, and softer than your favorite sweater.

        Holds your pack in place while providing a washable layer of protection.

        Extra sleeves make life easy (and keep your packs clean and ready).

        Pro Tips

        Freeze your sleeve for an extra burst of refreshing cool, or warm it in the dryer for a few minutes to maximize blanket-like bliss.

        To soothe dryness, pre-soak your sleeve with your favorite lubricant, oil, or gel. Warm your pack, and let the good feels take over.

        Keep one pack in your purse, but always have two sleeves handy. Feeling this good is only slightly addictive.

        Product Details

        Made in the USA

        Not eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement.