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Our Vision

Private Packs exists to combat the notion that vulvas are weak. We celebrate personal care and the diversity of the female experience. Private pain is no new phenomenon - but embracing it is. Never before have we had access to direct pain and trauma relief, much less on-the-go. We disrupt the common narrative around menstruation and pregnancy as illnesses or symptoms of female sexuality and around suffering as normal acceptable human behavior. Vulvas are powerful, and our products honor them with beautiful design, conscious creation, and a community committed to female pleasure and health.

Our Story

I was in awful vulvar pain the night the idea came to me after a horrific Brazilian wax left me with 2nd degree burns. When I got home from the swanky spa I was stuck on the couch with a bag of frozen peas melting between my legs. I pulled out my journal without knowing I was about to put a plan into action. I designed the first prototype of Private Packs that night. I had a pencil in one hand, and the other was holding those damn peas.

I also didn’t know I would leave my career two years later to build this company or that hundreds of women would share their personal experiences of vulvar pain - and lack of care from doctors - with me, which would energize me through hard times. I’m motivated to support vulva-owners everywhere, but that’s not what makes this my life’s work. Two weeks before my (original) Indiegogo launch date, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer that rapidly progressed to Stage 3.

My doctor told me to put my business on hold while I fought for my life. What they didn’t tell me was that my vulva would suffer in ways it never had before. I experienced early onset menopause due to treatment, leaving my vulva so dry I would bleed from merely using toilet paper. I had a new motivation to launch my company: I needed Private Packs now more than ever.

Against doc’s best advice, I brought my laptop to every chemotherapy treatment and interviewed doctors and nurses in the chemo lounge, radiation, and twice during surgery that I had to stay awake for about the need for Private Packs. Private Packs was my motivation to live.

Our Founder

Private Packs is my first venture and I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur. However, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had private body parts pain. From my breast growing in during puberty, yeast infections, vaginal dryness from cancer-induced menopause and so much more. However, this startup taught me how to design and test the product design using an MVP, finding our target and building the company while fighting cancer and launching a e-commerce store. All the things that you can’t prepare for unless you do them.

Most founders in Silicon Valley are young, fresh out of college, and are eagerly waiting for whatever life brings them. I am 50 years young, and I have lived a life full of adversity, and now I’m beginning my 2nd meaningful act. I could not have done Private Packs when I was younger because my vagina and breasts have gone through some things! I know genital pain, and I knew I wasn’t the only one with private pain discomfort in my heart.

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    Our Facts

    • Based in New York, NY
    • Officially launched on Indiegogo in 2019
    • Patent: USD864404S1
  • Health Facts

    • 75% of U.S. women experience pain during sex
    • 53% of U.S. women suffer from painful spasms
    • 27M U.S. women over 40+ are peri or menopausal
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Interview Q&A

What is Private Packs in one sentence?

Private Packs are wearable, reusable hot and cold packs that relieve private body part pain, swelling, and discomfort on-the-go.

How can this help others?

Millions of people in the US experience chronic vulvar pain. Our ergonomic heating and cooling pads make it easy to manage private pain naturally and discreetly. Private Packs delivers hot and cold therapy directly to the privates without chords or cleanup. Viva la vulva!

Why Private Packs and why now?

Women’s bodies have long been ignored, and Private Packs wants to change that by starting frank conversations about self-care down there and pain and discomfort specifically. Our goal is to destigmatize painful conditions that impact over 75% of women across the USA daily.

Private Packs are the only wearable and reusable heating and cooling packs available on the market that provide direct, sustainable relief to vulva owners on the fly. No more sitting at home with one hand on a bag of melting frozen veggies on your lady bits. That’s why I’m here.

How did you make this accident into a business?

It all came down to me searching for a vaginal ice pack for my personal use, and I couldn’t find anything. My frustration and utter annoyance fueled me to then Google “designing a product,” and then I found an Industrial Designer and a Chemist. I also shared my vision with my friends, and one contact led me to a sourcing agent that worked primarily with Chinese manufacturers. To build the business took hours of research and reading books like Talking to Humans:

Success Starts with Understanding Your Customers by Frank Rimalovski and Giff Constable, Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and The Four Steps to Epiphany by Steve Blanks to understand what Product Market Fit and an MVP (not Most Valuable Player!) was, and conducting hundreds of customer development interviews.

My determination and passion are what started Private Packs. My intention, hard work, and faith is why it will be here for years to come.

Why say vulva owners and not women?

You can have a vulva and not be a cis female. We celebrate everyone at Private Packs.

What are your goals for the future?

First, we want genital health to no longer be considered a taboo topic. Secondly, we want to build a global community of open-minded people who want to help each other through advice, storytelling and listening to others while on one’s own personal journey of sexual wellness and genital health care.

Our intention is to be a global wellness brand that designs and develops luxe products to enhance and promote genital care and be a one stop information resource for cutting edge health and wellness information across all mediums.

We believe people can and want to to take care of themselves but need the tools and community to do so, and we want to provide that.