Because reading is FUNdamental. Well, for all things sex that is.

Because reading is FUNdamental. Well, for all things sex that is.

This summer is going to be the summer to end all summers. It's time to break out the lawn blankets, picnic baskets, your fav hard seltzer (ours is Recess, anything by Babe and I love Surely, a non-alcoholic wine, but I digress), and a book to keep things hot way into the night. Here are a few of my favorites.

PUSSYPEDIA: If you remember Encyclopedia Britannica, you'll enjoy this book because it's the opposite of all those heavy brown books condensed into one book and wayyyy more enjoyable to read.

The Vagina Book: The first book by the humans that bought you Thinx and Icon.

  • Entertaining ✅
  • Inclusive ✅
  • Covers the basics of vaginal health ✅
  • Thoughtfully written essays by leading writers ✅

The Penis / The Vagina: An Owner's Guide: Why read for one when you can get one book for two people if that's your thing. This book is fun, informative, and has excellent illustrations.

Carnal Knowledge: I wish I had this book in school, but going to a Catholic school, that wasn't happening. I love that this book is not just about the anatomy of the vagina. It discusses social issues supporting sex workers' rights, socializing outside the internet, making porn your muse, and boundary setting. This sex-positive book is playful, honest, and goes deep.

The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay: Written by renowned sexuality experts Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D. (Sex with Dr. Jess) and Marla Renee Stewart, MA (Sex Down South). These two educators take their job seriously and can teach you a lot about approaching intimacy, sexuality, and sensuality with confidence and respect for each other and the relationship.

All The F*cking Mistakes: I bought this book on Sunday at SFO, and I haven't gotten a chance to read it, but I follow @GigiEngle on Twitter and Instagram, and she is a riot and clever AF. I'm looking forward to reading this in Prospect Park on July 4th.

The Vagina Bible: The book is named the Vagina Bible. What more do you want. I use this book as a reference tool because I trust Dr. Gunter as if she were my doctor. A fellow Canadian and NYT Writer, she smells B.S. a mile away, and her style debunks all of the myths. Dr. Gunter has also written the Menopause Manifesto, which I plan to buy next because I have been struggling with menopause for three years, mainly because I've been in denial, but now I'm at the acceptance stage.

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